A Product Designer based out of San Francisco currently trying to bring community and belonging to everyone in the world @Reddit

I have over five years of experience working in diverse domains, building websites, apps and experiences that delight and empower people and organisations. While leading teams, I've learned to balance business goals and engineering constraints while I unrelentingly advocate for the user.

I enjoy reimagining the intersection between digital and real life. As someone who grew up on the internet, it has been instrumental in shaping who I am today - feeding my desire to connect with people all over the world through my work. I believe that equitable access to information and technology has the power to create a more just and inclusive world and strive towards creating experiences that do just that.

Isra Safawi portrait

"The more I learn, the less I realise I know."

I'm curious by nature and often loose track of time when I'm investigating conspiracy theories, curled up in a good book, or watching true crime documentaries.

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In an effort to synthesise my thoughts, and make the abstract, concrete, I try to string words together.