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Website Redesign


Asna Siddiqui Anjali Pathak Tushar Gupta

Isra Safawi
Anjini Khanna Shubham Prakash

My Role

Project Lead
UX Audit
UX Design
UI Design




India's hub for
Artificial Intelligence

INDIAai (The National AI Portal of India) is a joint venture by MEITY, NEGD and NASSCOM that was set up to prepare the nation for an AI future. It is the single central knowledge hub on artificial intelligence for aspiring entrepreneurs, students, professionals, academics and everyone else. We were tasked to redesign the homepage and search function part of a phased redesign based on research and analytics to showcase the offerings of the platform better and drive engagement.

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Desktop homepage walkthrough




Stepping into an ongoing project meant a lot of catching up. I needed to understand the reason for a redesign and also the goals of the client first.
Showcase India’s technological prowess to the international community with existing brand guidelines to attract foreign investment, talent, and recruiters.
Help users understand the offerings of the platform and encourage them to explore content.
Provide a medium that facilitates meaningful connections between entities within the Indian AI community.


Primary Audience

Students, Startups, Key technological innovators in the AI domain

Secondary Audience

Employees of AI-centric institutions working in private, public, and non-profit educational institutes, corporations, research outfits, and the technology branches of the government

Tertiary Audience

Passive consumers of AI such as researchers, salesmen, and individuals looking to gain industry knowledge through domain specific content


01 Established Visual Language

INDIAai has an established visual language that has become recognisable for its users. We had to stick to the brand colours and typefaces in our redesign.

02 Specific Requirements

As this is a platform powered by the Government of India, there were a few things we had to include in order to get sign offs from officials.

03 Phased Project

We defined the homepage as the first phase of the redesign project, followed by Search. By tackling each of the pages, it helped us see the larger picture.


With help from our client, we were able to identify frequent users of the website who shared their perspectives and pain points while browsing the website. From their comments, we observed a few patterns that we thought necessary to address.

"The homepage is very long,
it is stressful to look at and
feels cluttered.”

Saswat Sahu, 35

"The website looks old.
It should be more futuristic
since it into AI.”

Eswar Jabba, 46

"There are so many helpful
resources but they are really
difficult to find. I'm not even
sure what INDIAai does when
I first come to the website."

Swaroop Bhat, 37



Flashtag AR
By Dulomo LLC




Connecting People in New Ways
Everyone is familiar with the concept of laser tag, but who knew that you all you needed to play was your iPhone. The developers managed to think about the phone in a new way that provides for an extremely joyful experience.


Poor Marketing
I found this app only after doing deep research in the realm of AR apps. It is made by a small team of developers who may not have much budget for advertising. However, it is important for them to come up with some kind of strategy for more people to find out about it.


Haptic Feedback
Everytime you shoot, get shot, or die, there is some form of haptic feedback. This is particularly helpful because in the middle of an active game in low light, it becomes diffficult to keep track of text on the phone. Haptic and audio feedback provides for a more authentic and successful experience.


In Game Progress
While haptic and audio feedback does give you an indicator of how you are playing, there are other key points of data, such as ammo and health that are not highlighted clearly enough.


New Way of Seeing
This app uses the iPhone as a tool to help people complete their tasks. When in active game mode, the screen assists people by removing focus from uneccessary objects in the environment and highlights the other user’s points.


Success Feedback
Once a game is completed, the celebratory animation is underwhelming and doesn’t match the fidelity of the rest of the app. There could be more cohesion amongst the two.


Armed with our pain points from users, Google Analytics statistics and a study of other news platforms, we conducted an audit of the current homepage and outlined the major areas in which we wanted to intervene and felt would make a large impact.

01 Orientating the User
Highlight what INDIAai is and does

02 Reorganise Content
Relook at information hierarchy

03 Clear Value Proposition
Display relevant content upfront

04 Simplify
Organise navigation and reduce clutter

05 Categorisation
Consider new ways of organising content

06 Building a Community
Propose ways to engage community

07 Dynamic Elements
Create a more dynamic website

Old homepage

Old Homepage




We created three wireframes for the client to choose from. These illustrated our basic principle of recreating the grid of the website and how we planned to structure the content.
Website wirefames


Developing a clear design system to enable quality and consistency

The old version of the website had a few inconsistencies in the design. We created an entirely new design system for web and mobile with several states and edge cases to allow for seamless development.

Colour palette




Reduced the length
of the Homepage by

We created a fresh homepage that reflects the dynamic nature of the industry and highlights the growing and active community through statistics.

We also created instances to encourage users to sign up and contribute to the INDIAai community and tried to build a sense of community by highlighting contributions of individuals.
App dashbord

First Folds First

The first impression is all in the first fold of a website. For INDIAai, we highlighted their value proposition, key features, as well as helped establish authority in the domain.

Answer clues screens

Modifying the Grid of the Website to Use Complete Real Estate

We updated the grid of the website to two columns. This allowed us to format content in a more interesting and bite sized ways. By creating lists and cards, we were able to help the website feel more dynamic.

Notification alert on iPhone

All New, Smart
Side-bar Menu

Inspired by other news platforms, we chose to consolidate all the offerings of the website in the sidebar menu. This gave us a chance to clearly share a brief explanation of what each section offers the user.

Since the INDIAai website gets updated daily with news and articles, we wanted to create a system for people to be able to quickly understand that. We added notifications in the form of red circles across content that was recently updated.

AR animation on building

A Customised Search Experience

As a part of the Homepage redesign, we recognised that Search was a crucial feature. We worked on customising the experience for users by showing them relevant content depending upon whether they were first time, or returning users. By giving them prompts on what to search for and what is trending, we tried to  pique their curiosity.

Dashboard of Scavenger Hunt AppAnswer clues screenNotification on iPhoneAR animation around building

Designed for Mobile & Web

Mobile menu

Mobile Menu

Mobile website walkthrough

Mobile Homepage Flow


Trending card

Highlighting authors to cultivate sense of community and pride

An effective addition to building a sense of community and pride was the decision to highlight the names of authors in articles. This allows new people to understand how large and diverse the community is and also helps contributing authors feel motivated for sharing and writing new content.

About INDIAai

Clearly stated what INDIAai is and what the platform is for

Something we heard repeatedly in the user interviews (and honestly something I felt when I first got onboarded to this project) was - What exactly is this platform for? We addressed this by adding a card on the top right of the page that clearly gives some context to users.

Article card

Differentiation between content through hierarchy and tagging system

While the visual language of the website was already established, we tried to harness typography to distinguish different sections of the website. By creating custom card layouts for similar type of content, there was some visual recall for people in drawing patterns.



Anticipating Needs

This entire project was done remotely, without ever having met the team in person. Through this project I understood the value of documenting my designs down to the finest details. Working with front end developers is something I’m used to, however, this was my first time working directly with back end developers. Once I began understanding the kinds of clarifications the team would ask for, I began anticipating their comments and was able to prepare clear documentation for them to follow.

Going Above and Beyond

Our team was very close to losing this project when I was brought onto this team. My role as the Senior UX Designer was to bring in a fresh perspective and rebuild our relationship with the client. Excited about the potential of what this platform was capable of, I came in with ideas and recommendations that elevated the experience - not just through design, but also development. I rebuilt the Project Timeline and ensured weekly checkins with the client. I came up with interactions that pushed our front end developers and got them excited too. This helped the client feel taken care of and made them trust our team once again.

Your Voice Matters

Once we built the trust back, the client was eager to hear our perspectives on every idea we shared with them. I don’t usually volunteer my opinion until I am asked to share, especially when the final call is usually taken by the client. However, through this project, the client and our team were able to have very constructive conversations where we laid out our reasons for specific design choices and built mutual respect.