March 2021 - June 2021


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Venky Hariharan
Isra Safawi
Ashay Dikshit

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UX Design



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Building a System for Scaling Businesses

POSable, based in Malaysia provides Point of Sales system to all businesses, regardless of size or industry. POSable caters to industry leaders like Charles and Keith, Wycon Cosmetics, Valirams and more. At Onething, we were asked to design the frontend (POS App) for front liners and cashiers, and the backend system (Admin Dashboard) for team leads, inventory managers and owners. My team focused on creating the Admin Panel for system.

Dashboard walkthrough




POSable came to us for a redesign of their existing product. The project turned into a much deeper dive into reevaluating the needs of their users.
How might we customise the dashboard for people with different roles?
How might we help individuals make decisions faster?
How might we aid individual's understanding of business performance?


This was the first time I worked in the space of designing POS systems. This project required a lot of research to understand the context for which we were designing, user needs and product offerings. As a part of our research, we did contextual inquiries, competitive analysis and in depth user interviews.

By observing and interviewing shop keepers in their environment, we were able to get some insight into the different POS management systems they use, their needs and pain points.

Grocery shop cashier POS




Effective Help & Walkthrough Tours
Downloading the app is free and easy. The drag and drop functionality provides ease of operation in organising and moving items, products, and categories.


Intuitive Dashboard Sales Chart
Visualise sales and gauge store’s performance through the interactive chart. While detailed and functional, it could be progressively disclosed to reduced cognitive load.


Task Cards
Task cards help get a head start on day-to-day to-do’s without having to leave the Home screen for a more guided experience. This may be even more effective if it were in the first fold itself.



Data Made Digestiable
Square’s dashboard provides very relevant data points for businesses. Comparing current sales to previous weeks/months, understanding customer spending and behaviour and easily spotting top performers.


Extensive Integration
Square POS extends its functionality by integrating with dozens of apps for accounting and tax, e-commerce, other POS systems, inventory, invoices, employee management, booking and scheduling, among others.


Advanced Filters & Quick Uploads
The dashboard has many filters to help users with a large number of products or customers find relevant information fast. Uploading new items and customers is also simple and efficient with one click.



Multiple Project Views
With Asana, users can view projects and manage tasks in several different ways. They can choose between Kanban boards, lists, calendars and timelines. We can use this in our current POS application instead of just drop down filters.


Efficient and Responsive Interface
Enough colour and design flair to keep it interesting and useful without looking too cluttered. It has some surprises as well, like celebratory animations that appear on screen from time to time which can be disabled.


Feature-Rich Free Plan
The free plan supports unlimited teams, projects, messaging, multiple project views, and more for up to 15 users.



Understanding Their Audience
Groww has been successful at making investing accessible to the younger generation. They have used language, graphic design and smart user experience to effectively help their users assimilate into this world. Designing sections of the website to reflect different apps they use.


Strong Brand Positioning
The platform has a strong understanding of their position and that of their users. They have a lot of content to help their users learn more and keep growing. FAQs are present in multiple sections of the website.


Clear and Simplified Taxonomy
Every section has been clearly labelled with relevant headings such as ‘Watchlist’, ‘Top Sectors’ etc. Users know what to expect with every part of the dashboard.


Primary Audience

Business Owners, IT Personnel, Senior Managers, CRM and Marketing Managers, Merchandisers, Head of Operations, Operations Manager, Store Manager


The interviews were conducted by my lead and I, with the rest of our team moderating the sessions. The interviews helped us create a holistic view of the users needs, wants & aspirations. We were also able to gauge the involvement of the application and the dashboard in their daily lives. 

The goal of these interviews was to identify pain points and derive key opportunities for us to create a strong product with high functionality and enhanced user experience. During the interview, the focus was on understanding the role of the individual, their relationship with POSable, interaction and product usage and gaps and opportunities.

Interview insights

Flashtag AR
By Dulomo LLC




Connecting People in New Ways
Everyone is familiar with the concept of laser tag, but who knew that you all you needed to play was your iPhone. The developers managed to think about the phone in a new way that provides for an extremely joyful experience.


Poor Marketing
I found this app only after doing deep research in the realm of AR apps. It is made by a small team of developers who may not have much budget for advertising. However, it is important for them to come up with some kind of strategy for more people to find out about it.


Haptic Feedback
Everytime you shoot, get shot, or die, there is some form of haptic feedback. This is particularly helpful because in the middle of an active game in low light, it becomes diffficult to keep track of text on the phone. Haptic and audio feedback provides for a more authentic and successful experience.


In Game Progress
While haptic and audio feedback does give you an indicator of how you are playing, there are other key points of data, such as ammo and health that are not highlighted clearly enough.


New Way of Seeing
This app uses the iPhone as a tool to help people complete their tasks. When in active game mode, the screen assists people by removing focus from uneccessary objects in the environment and highlights the other user’s points.


Success Feedback
Once a game is completed, the celebratory animation is underwhelming and doesn’t match the fidelity of the rest of the app. There could be more cohesion amongst the two.


Information-rich Dashboard
The level of filtration of data and categories needs to be more detailed in order to provide detailed insights. The way in which this information is prioritised and organised needs to be evaluated. 
Streamlining Communication
While for informal communication Whatsapp (current app being used) is an appropriate platform, it is not a scalable solution. Users should be able to interact with each other or send quick messages using the dashboard.
Smart System
Users long for a smart system that can provide them with detailed insights, help them understand the information easily and allows them to understand and act quickly. 
Better Understanding of Tools All employees are using softwares beyond POSable. In order to understand how their workflow can be simplified, we needed a deeper understanding of the different capabilities.



How might we create an intuitive, insightful and actionable dashboard to help businesses meet their goals?


We created user personas based on our interviews to help us keep the goals, needs and pain points of users in sight. Each individual's demands from the platform are very different and therefore we spent a lot of time trying to understand the demands of their jobs really well.


Based on the original design of the Admin Panel, we restructured the architecture of the platform. The earlier version of the platform had a lot of pages that were difficult to discover and organised haphazardly. We moved towards reorganising and grouping similar types of actions and features like 'Frequently Used' and 'Recently Used' to personalise the user's experience further.
Information architecture




We created wireframes for each screen of the platform and got client approval before moving ahead to visual design. While the dashboard at present provided plenty of data, it relied heavily on the user to derive insights from it in order to take action. Therefore, we needed to focus on making the system smarter by providing insights directly to the users. This way, the business owner or store manager can know when to take decisive actions to propel the business, such as congratulating a stellar employee, or strategising to push an underperforming product.
POSable wireframes



App dashbord

Everything You Need, In One Place

The dashboard homepage is a one-stop page for managers and business owners to get a quick overview of how all their businesses are performing. The dashboard is designed to be flexible based on user permissions.

The work area is divided into two columns; the left column holding all the graphical information and the right column providing the user with visibility of the top performing metrics.

Answer clues screens

Better Business Decisions with Advanced Analytics

The coloured cards provide a quick look at the status of the business without having to going deeper into the graphs. Each graph is interactive in nature. Users can select from multiple filters to quickly view Yearly Progress, Transaction values, Footfall vs Conversion & Target vs. Actual revenue.

Notification alert on iPhone

Insights at a Glance

The POSable insights card are dynamic, showcasing relevant insights to the user based on their role. This is a discoverability element through which users can explore other functionalities of the platform.

The “Send a message” card can be used to communicate with other employees, as well as to send company wide announcements.

AR animation on building

Keep Moving Forward

The inventory management page has been redesigned to reduce the users cognitive load. All action items were reorganised. A 'Recently Used' bar sits above the groups for ease of access. A 'Quick Add' icon, on the top right, helps users to add products easily, reducing the number of clicks and hence, effort.

Dashboard of Scavenger Hunt AppAnswer clues screenNotification on iPhoneAR animation around building

A Perfect Pair - POS App

POS app screen

Context is King
Through our user interviews, we realised that the cashiers at store have a tiring job and need to easily view their actions. We designed the app with that in mind and made all the buttons easily clickable and viewable from arm's length. The homepage acts as an overview of the app and allows the user to quickly perform the task they need to at any given time.

POS app screen

Optimising New Sale Flow
The main task a cashier performs is helping people purchase items. We wanted to ensure the they would be easily able to search for items, scan, add discount coupons and add customer details to a purchase. Personal targets for cashiers involve getting people to register to the rewards programme and we wanted to add some customer information on this screen so that they may use this information to enhance their interaction with the customer in the real world.



Come Prepared

Working on projects in diverse domains is part of the reason I love my work. However, when working in such new spaces it is important to put in the time and effort to learn more about how they work. While research helps paint a clearer picture, I spent time outside of work talking to family and friends in the space to understand it deeper.

Changing People's Lives

While the statement may sound dramatic, it holds true. The work of the team earlier required long hours, lots of manual data entries and dated processes that were not built for the 21st century. Throughout the client feedback process, we were able to see how excited they got with our designs and how they would directly impact their lives and businesses.

Hand in Hand

Our team built not only the Admin Dashboard, but also the Point of Sale System for cashiers and store managers to use. Though the teams were separate for the two products, the work was done in a very collaborate manner. The two products created the entire ecosystem and by understanding the workflow of the cashiers and the data they capture, we were able to better inform our designs for the Admin Dashboard.

Due to our time constraint, we weren't able to actualise all of the ideas we had for interactions in the app. I especially wanted to create a celebratory animation when a team/user achieves their goal.
Third-Party Integrations
We had many ideas for ways in which we could scale the POSable ecosystem and streamlines work for employees. This involved the ability to install and integrate other apps.
User Testing
Once the product has been developed, it would be important for us to test the prototype with users so that we may take notes for the next version of the app.
Seamless User Onboarding
In order to not waste a business's time training their employees on how to use the tools, I really wanted to build an onboarding and/or tooltips section for the app.